My Story

I’m a young vocalist (born in 2003) with a baritone voice and a diverse range of musical interests from jazz standards to synth-wave. Already an old soul, I, from an early age was inspired by the great jazz artists and song stylists of the past such as Al Jarreau, Chet Baker, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, and Frank Sinatra to mention a few.

However, like many of my generation, my musical interests are wide and influenced by the gaming culture.


My Music Journey

When I was 16 years old I only sang for my friends and family until in March of 2021 when I launched my YouTube channel posting home recordings, mostly Jazz standards, alongside others including Japanese songs. With a positive response to my YouTube channel, I happened to meet in August – 2021 Nial Djuliarso and his sextet, AKA “The East Side Jazz Initiative”. Not long after, Nial and I collaborated to record my first album, a collection of jazz standards produced by Winfrid Leonard. entitled “Giant Baby Steps.” On Sept. 15 2022, this album was nominated in the category of ‘Best Jazz Album’ by the AMI Awards (Indonesia Music Awards).

In July 2022, I released my first single called Bersama Dirimu (Strollin’ Down the Avenue) composed by Nial Djuliarso and lyrics by Mari Kartika. The single was produced by Winfrid Leonard and mixed and mastered by Simon Cotsworth. On October 13th, the English version of the song titled Strollin’ Down the Avenue is released in digital platforms.

I continue to develop my craft being guided and mentored by many local and international musicians. While my love for swing and jazz classics is my immediate focus, I plan to explore other genres of music in the near future.

Jazz Vibe

Since 2021 I have played alongside many jazz musicians such as Nial Djuliarso, Nita Aartsen and also legendary musicians such as Oele Patiselano and Margie Segers. I sing various types of Jazz songs. My favorites include songs by Al Jarreau. Songs by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole also inspire me to sing the older jazz standards.

In Oct. 2022, I perform at the Solo City Jazz with Barry Likumahuwa Jazz Connection.



Born in Jakarta on 2 August 2003, Alonzo started taking music lessons since the age of 4 at the Yamaha Music School taking basic piano, continuing from age 8 with violin and vocal lessons.  He then started performing in musicals at his school at the age of 13.  At age 15, he started taking vocal lessons with various instructors and teachers from Indonesia and the US. Interestingly, Alonzo’s interest in singing jazz standards came from his love as a gamer playing computer games.

Alonzo has performed as the male vocalist of the Farabi Big Band and also other shows at the Motion Blue Lounge, Artoz Lounge, Fabster Stage as well as other venues in Jakarta.  As the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia in early 2020 Alonzo had to severely limit his live vocal performances for the last 2 years.

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